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LED Strip to Strip Connector - 4 pin - 10mm

Connect two lengths of LED 10mm Lighting Strips easily with these strip-to-strip connectors! These strip connectors for LED Lighting strips are easy to use and require no soldering. Simply line up two 10mm strips together and lock in place. Make sure to place strips underneath the contact prongs, not over.

Connecting LED light strips with these connectors is very simple:
1: Open clip on each side
2: Slid the 10mm LED light strip inside the clip underneath the two contact prongs
3: Make sure the side of the strip aligns with the "+ -" polarity
4: Close the wire clip

  • Only works with 10mm LED Lighting Strips (NOT 8mm)
  • 4 pin connecting prongs
  • Compatible with our 5050 LED light strips