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Lazy Susan - SKY & TREES - 3 Different Sizes - For Kitchen Table Top


Looking to attract more attention to your dining area or kitchen? Or looking for the perfect gift for a close family member? A fun decor idea that's also practical is our new Lazy Susan. Made out of Baltic birch wood right here in the USA, our tabletop Lazy Susans are the perfect way to add more fun to your home.

These beautiful Lazy Susans are 3/4" thick, and come in three different sizes, 12", 16", and 24", meaning there's a size available for any table or counter space. The round base is sturdy, and the spinning mechanism is well-built and allows for smooth, easy spinning, and features 4 rubber stoppers that protect your tabletop from wood scraping. The Lazy Susan is wrapped with rubber black T-molding that protects the side of the all-natural wood top.

The print is a full-color design that is carefully applied using our unique Kolorcoat™ process that allows the vibrant colors to shine through.

  • Round table top Lazy Susan made of sturdy Baltic birch wood
  • Available in 3 sizes: 12", 16", and 24", perfect for any table
  • 3/4" black T-molding wraps around Lazy Susan and protects the edge
  • 4 rubber feet on the bottom help protect your tabletop and keep the Lazy Susan sturdy
  • Gorgeous, full-color art "Sky & Trees"
  • A sturdy base mechanism allows for smooth spinning
  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • 24" Lazy Susan's exact sizing is 23.5" inches