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Kryptonite Flair Bottles - 750ml

Introducing The Kryptonite™ line of uber strong and basically unbreakable Flair Bottles. Many flair bottles are manufactured using a blow molding process. The Kryptonite™ bottles differ in using an injection molding process instead therefore guaranteeing a perfectly formed, weighted and balanced bottle every time. With a solid feel and grip, these bottles are as good as they get and are made from our trade secret Kryptonite™ material. We offer several different 750ml styles and colors, from transparent NEON colors that glow vibrantly under a black light to a solid standard white.

  • Stronger than Superman!
  • Ultra strong, virtually UNBREAKABLE Flair Bottles
  • PERFECTLY FORMED flair bottle every time
  • Perfectly balanced. Perfectly weighted. Perfectly solid.
Additional Info
  • 750mL sized bottle

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