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Kolorcoat™ NEON Zodiac Speed Bottle Opener - SAGITTARIUS

What’s your sign and what does it say about you? We have created a line of NEON Zodiac Sign Speed Bottle Openers you are sure to love. Each of the 12 designs are available on 3 different colored neon openers… Green, Yellow and Pink. They feature all symbols relevant to your astrological birth sign, as well as your characteristics. These bottle openers glow vibrantly under black lighting for the added “space-like” effect.

SAGITTARIUS Zodiac Sign – The Sign of “Fire”
November 22nd – December 21st

This is the only zodiac sign that is half human and half animal. A Sagittarius is a Centaur with an upper portion of human and the hind of a horse. Sagittarians are therefore marked with both human and animal instincts. In the sign of Sagittarius the man is holding a bow and arrow which he points towards the heaven. This means that the Sagittarians are spiritual by nature. The Sagittarius horoscope predicts that Sagittarians are the incurable optimists of the zodiac chart. They will always look at the positive side of things. Their optimism isn't affected by the hardships they face. Sagittarians are kind-hearted and sincere; always trying to fix problems of others. Sagittarians are the most animated sign of the zodiac chart. They are always teeming with activities. This also makes the Sagittarians restless.