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Kolorcoat™ NEON Zodiac Speed Bottle Opener - LEO

What’s your sign and what does it say about you? We have created a line of NEON Zodiac Sign Speed Bottle Openers you are sure to love. Each of the 12 designs are available on 3 different colored neon openers… Green, Yellow and Pink. They feature all symbols relevant to your astrological birth sign, as well as your characteristics. These bottle openers glow vibrantly under black lighting for the added “space-like” effect.

LEO Zodiac Sign – The Sign of “Fire”
July 23rd – August 22nd

The sign of Leo depicts power and majesty. Leos are warm-spirited, eager to jump in action, and are driven by desire to being loved and admired. Leos are full of lazy strength, which comes forth at the time of need. They are also immensely ambitious. They continuously aspire to reach to the highest peak of whatever they do. Leos love being at the center of attraction. They are party people and love to be with large crowd of admirers. However, Leos are often sensitive to criticism and don't take the words of critics lightly. Leos are born leaders. You may find them being the natural choice for leadership for demanding situations. Leos are independent people and love to have their spaces intact even when they are into relationships. Leos are admirers of beauty, and both Leo men and women fall for beauty.

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