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Kolorcoat™ NEON Zodiac Speed Bottle Opener - GEMINI

What’s your sign and what does it say about you? We have created a line of NEON Zodiac Sign Speed Bottle Openers you are sure to love. Each of the 12 designs are available on 3 different colored neon openers… Green, Yellow and Pink. They feature all symbols relevant to your astrological birth sign, as well as your characteristics. These bottle openers glow vibrantly under black lighting for the added “space-like” effect.

GEMINI Zodiac Sign – The Sign of “Air”
May 21st – June 20th

The sign of Gemini is symbolized by the twin. Hence, naturally, Gemini’s show duality in their behaviors. Gemini’s are characterized by their prominent inconstancy and dual nature. People born under this astrological sign often look at a situation from dual perspectives, they can feel love and hate simultaneously and may find it hard sometimes to distinguish between two emotions. According to the Gemini horoscope predictions, the dual nature of Gemini’s often leave them confused about their true feelings. Gemini’s are however good communicators and often rise in popularity because of their oratory. They are curious, talkative, versatile and energetic. These make them great public figures. You are also recognized for your razor sharp wit which attracts others towards you.

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