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Knuckle Popper Bottle Opener - Wood

Nerds could describe this opener with one word: xyloid. For the rest of us, that means something that looks like real wood but will fool your eyes. This stainless steel little opener looks like pale board down to the grains! A perfect match for oak bars and tiki huts.

The Knuckle Popper Kolorcoat™ bottle openers are palm-sized bartender's tools which feature colorful designs on the whole surface. They sport a curved side and finger indentations on the other to fit snugly in your hand. They're small enough to fit conveniently in a pocket or can hang simply from a key ring or a lanyard.

The original Kolorcoat™ process finishes the front and back sides and corners of this stainless steel beer opener with wear-resistant, colorful designs.

Note: Knuckle Poppers are non-magnetic.