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Knuckle Popper Bottle Opener - Tie Dye 2

You don't have to be a hippie to order this colorful opener, but it might help! A psychedelic throwback to the decade of peace, love, and mind-altering drug experimentation, everyone loves the pattern on this one.

Our Knuckle Popper Kolorcoat™ stainless steel bottle openers are mid-sized bartending tools featuring vivid artwork on each side. Each feature a curved side and finger indentations on the other for a cool yet practical function. Their smaller size fits easily in your pocket or purse or can hang simply off your key chain or a retractable reel.

The industry-leading Kolorcoat™ system imprints all sides and around the edges of this metal bottle opener with rich, colorful photos and graphics.

Note: Knuckle Poppers are non-magnetic.