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Knuckle Popper Bottle Opener - Currency

It's all about the dollah billz, and so is this fun money-covered bottle opener. Featuring currency from around the world, this handy popper can be used to show your appreciation for global investment strategies... oh who are we kidding, it's all about getting the green and showing off your love of bling!

The Knuckle Popper Kolorcoat™ openers are midsize bartender's accessories which feature vivid designs on the whole surface. Each sport a curved side and finger indentations on the other for comfortable grip. Their smaller size fits conveniently in a pants pocket or can hang stylishly on your key ring or a retractable reel.

The industry-leading Kolorcoat™ method imprints all sides and the edges of this indispensable beer bottle opener with wear-resistant, high resolution photos and graphics.

Note: Knuckle Poppers are non-magnetic.