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Juice Pourers - Oval Neck Quart Complete

This particular Juice Pourer is designed with a tapered "oval" neck therefore allowing you to handle it without having to visually check the direction of your pour. Quick, efficient and easy to use! It's neck is textured & shaped for an enhanced grip. Purchase includes the white quart container, a white neck, colored lid, and a colored spout (except for the white neck, it has clear spout). The pour spout and neck separate for easy cleaning. Available in 6 Colors Red, Orange, Green, Yellow, Brown, and Clear (Colors will start to double when ordering over 6). Neck measures 1 3/4" W x 2 1/4" D x 5" H. When ordering in quantities, multiples of 6 is greatly appreciated.

*If we are out of stock on a certain color, another color will be substituted.