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Juice Pourers - Complete Pro Flow - Quart - Color Options

If you are a venue that likes to provide fresh juice mixers then our Pro Flow Juice Pourers are a great pour and store option available for a great price. These quality pourers come in 6 Colors Orange, Red, Yellow, Green, White and Brown (Colors will start to double when ordering over 6). When purchased you will receive the white quart container, a colored lid, and colored neck/spout (except the white neck has clear spout). The pour spout and neck easily separates for cleaning. An air vent is located at the base of the pour spout allowing for a smooth juice flow. Neck measures 1 3/4" W x 5" H. When ordering in quantities, multiples of 12 are appreciated.

All of our juice pourers offered are interchangeable between the container and neck.

Quart Size:
3 1/2 inches in diameter
13 inches from base to top of Spout
6 3/4 inches without neck, container only

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