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JB Bandy Board Flip Board for Flair Bartending and Juggling - Splash Design


We are excited to announce. The first new Flairco product in over a decade. Dean Serneels and John “JB” Bandy have come together to create a one of a kind product for flair bartenders, jugglers and entertainers. Imagine running out of vodka, stomping your foot and having a bottle fly up from the ground.

JB Bandy (made famous for teaching Tom Cruise and Bryan Brown how to bartend with Flair in the 1980’s movie Cocktail) brought the concept forward to Flairco’s Dean Serneels early in 2022. Serneels inspired and anxious for a new product got straight to work.

Simple to use the JB Bandy Board is designed exactly like a two foot long Bar Products V-Rod Bottle opener. The JB Bandy Board is very durable and sends anything from glasses, shakers, bottles, or you name it, into the air. You control the height and direction of the item and work it into your show.

The unique art work is inspired by the surfboard and skateboard world and is sure to attract attention.

The Bandy Board is constructed from a solid 3/4" Baltic Birch wood and features a pivot bar on the bottom. This allows the user to launch the flair bottle into the air simply my stepping on its counter side.