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Japanese Ice Ball Mold


Now you can make your own ice balls in the comfort of your home (or restaurant!). Spheres of ice are preferred because the smaller surface area means the ice melts slower, keeping drinks cold without becoming too diluted. Keep a large bowl in your freezer and make several ahead of time. You can also freeze herbs, flowers, candies, etc. inside. Or freeze juices and use the balls to keep a punch bowl cold. It's unlimited to your imagination!

This Japanese Ice Ball Mold creates three balls, each ice ball has 2.25" Diameter.

Note: We recommend simply pouring water gently over both sides of the mold. Within a moment you'll feel the ice release from the plastic mold and the halves should peel apart without sticking. You can expect a very long life out of your ice ball mold using this method! Do NOT attempt to "TWIST" the mold as you might a standard small-cube tray.

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