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Irregular Flair Bottles

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If you are looking to learn the art of flair but don’t want to invest too much money... then these bottles are the perfect solutions! Please choose from the selections below or go for our potluck option at a super low price! The potluck option will contain misprinted Red, Pink, Orange regular flair bottles and also our misprinted Skyy or Bacardi bottles.

Blank Flair Bottle - As a result of taking on the printed flair bottle division, there are learning curves that have resulted in many misprints on our flair bottles. We have discovered a way to clean these misprinted bottles up, and now want to offer them to you "cleaned" and just about as good as new at a discounted price! Irregulars Could Possibly Have The Following:

  • Finish
  • Density Irregularities
  • Bent Necks
  • Slightly Out of Round.
  • Misprinted graphics

Kolorcoat Flair Bottle 750ml and 1Liter – These bottles all have some type of misprint. You have a choice of either 750ml or 1 Liter size. The design you will receive will be randomly selected from our stock of Kolorcoat misprints. Misprints may include one or more of the following defects: smearing, faded, and missing print.

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