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Grunge Leaves Shaker Set - 28 and 18 ounce


This fun and colorful grunge leaves shaker set is one of a kind! Exclusive to, we have mastered the full color design wrap on our cocktail shaker tins with their gorgeous glossy finish.

This grungy leave pattern shaker set is perfect for any type of bartender who likes to add a loud element to their showmanship, and also makes for a great gift idea. Included is a standard stainless steel 28 ounce weighted shaker along with its counterpart, the 18 ounce weighted shaker. These tins fit beautifully together providing a tight seal for an excellent shaking environment. The stainless steel walls ignite the ice within, giving your liquid libations the ultimate chill.

  • Included: Professional 28 and 18 ounce shaker tins
  • High quality stainless steel material
  • Colorful and fun grungy leaves pattern
  • High gloss finish, won't chip
  • Excellent gift idea for bartenders and home entertainers