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Gold Plated Trident Bar Spoon - 40cm Long

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Craft bar tending is an art that requires skill and attention to detail. Any professional bartender can tell you when to shake a cocktail or stir it. Shaking a drink causes the ice inside to fracture and break up which will lead to a watered down drink. Stirring a cocktail preserves the robust aromas and flavors while also chilling the liquid without watering down the cocktail. For example it would not be appropriate to shake a cocktail containing bourbon or whiskey as you will not want to water them down.

This bar spoon boasts a beautiful gold plated finish; adding a touch of sophistication to your tool set. Not only is it stylish but every visual aspect of the spoon provides a utilitarian use. The swirl of the 40cm stem allows for more fluid motion while stirring and the trident opposite the spoon is perfect for spearing garnishes. Any master mixologist or professional bartender would be happy with this bar spoon in their tool set.

  • Gold plated
  • Measures 40cm in length
  • Elegant design
  • Swirled stem for a more fluid stir
  • Trident fork end for spearing garnishes