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Glowabel Bands

Bottle service is a great way to enjoy the night and we believe that it should be as seamless and relaxing as possible.

Glowabel is a glow-in-the-dark band that is placed around the neck of the carafe to allow your clients to easily distinguish between the various mixers. As many mixers look the same (i.e., tonic vs. soda water), your VIP guests will no longer have to worry about ruining their drink with the wrong mixer. These glowable bands are glow in the dark and are made to put around carafe's for bottle service so your VIP guests know which mixer is in which carafe in a dark atmosphere such as a nightclub.

The bands are easily charged with direct light from a normal light bulb or a black light. Although regular light works well, black lights will charge the bands to their full glowing capability within 30 seconds.