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Glass Mug Washer with Drain Hose - Self Contained

The "Self Contained" Glass Mug Washer with Drain Hose is made from durable, semi-transparent plastic material. This model features a drain hose, a soft rubber ring around the rim, and suction cup feet. The rim's rubber ring protects your mugs and glasses during insertion and removal. The nylon brush bristles will effortlessly wash your glassware, but are soft enough to prevent damaging the glass's surface. The semi-transparent plastic wash pot, allows you to monitor the dirtiness of your wash water. Once the water has become too dirty you can easily drain it through the detachable hose. Cleaning glassware can be very messy and wet, so the suction cups will prevent the Glass Mug Washer from shifting during use. Stands 10.25 inches tall with an 8 inch (widest point) diameter.
  • 20.7cm x 16.5cm x 26.4cm
  • Dimensions
    • Wash Pot: HPS
    • Ring/Suction Cups: PVC
    • Middle Bristle Holder: PE
    • Expanded Bristle Holder: PE
    • Bristle: Nylon