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Glass Liquor Bottle - 1 Liter

Having a few empty liquor bottles at hand can offer some great benefits to your bartending ammo. If you are the master mixologist type, then you may be someone who enjoys concocting their own mixers and syrups. If there is a high demand for your specialty cocktails, then pre mixing before your shift could turn out to be a great time saving idea. These glass liquor bottles are the industry standard, measuring a full 1 Liter. Offering you superb quality and standard liquor bottle thickness and weight, they can also easily be incorporated into your flair bartending show as well.

These bottles aren't only for the master mixologists though! Consider them a fast and spill free way to fill those shooter tubes on a busy weekend night. They also work in conjunction with our PourCheck™ Bartender Training / Testing Package. They are designed to fit most standard Liquor Pourers, especially the Spill Stop 285-50.

Note: Liquor pourer not included.

  • Exact replica of industry standard liquor bottle
  • Measures 1 Liter
  • Thick, high quality glass construction and material
  • fits most standard liquor pourers
  • Ideal for several bar services
  • Great for Flair Bartender training
  • Great for Flair Bartender training
  • Measures: 12"H x 3.25" bottom diameter

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