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Gatsby Coupe Champagne Goblet - 13.5oz - 6 Pack


Enjoy the tradition and elegance of a glass of champagne with the beautiful designed Gatsby Coupe Champagne Goblet. Bring these out for when you and your guests want to celebrate a special occasion, as this glassware is a cut above the rest. The tall stem design and wide rim add a different yet vintage look to this high-end glassware. Each Coupe Goblet holds 13.5 ounces making it a great choice for craft cocktails and champagne. Coming in a convenient 6-pack to ensure everyone can enjoy a delicious toast; this set of Gatsby Coupe Goblets will be the popular pick of all your glassware. Grab these iconic Goblets and add a vintage charm to your bar glassware collection.

  • Capacity: 13.5 ounce
  • Measurements: 6.5" Height x 4" Rim Diameter x 3" Base Diameter
  • Sold in box of 6
  • High quality, vintage style