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Floating Cocktail Shaker Set

Shake & Serve Like A Professional
The Floating Cocktail Shaker set can be used by anyone behind the bar. This set has been cleverly designed to work exactly like a professional cocktail shaker set.

The Art of Entertainment
The Floating Cocktail Shaker was ingeniously designed by Dean Serneels so that it works as a stand alone liquid illusion and can also be incorporated into other magic routines.

Bonus Magic Routines
The Floating Cocktail Shaker Set features five easy-to-learn tricks for bartenders and magicians alike. Also included are an additional five bonus magic routines that combine with other props to create even more awe inspiring reactions from your audience.
Summary of Highlights and Features
  • Learn to shake and serve like a pro!
  • Ingeniously designed by Dean Serneels
  • Make more money behind the bar
  • Can be incorporated with other magic routines
  • Bonus magic routines
    • five extra easy to learn tricks
  • additional magic routines that will create even more awe inspiring reactions
Each Set Includes
  • Complete Instructions & Accessories
  • 28 oz Shaker Tin
  • 16 oz Cheater Tin
  • 285 Metal Pour Spout