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Final Touch® Upside Down Liquor Dispenser - 6 Bottle


This gorgeous 6 bottle liquor dispenser from Final Touch® is sure to add a convenient and decorative way to distribute and showcase your favorite liquors. It is constructed from a sturdy aluminum material and showcases an elegant mirror finish. The base of the carousel is strong and durable, being sure to hold your bottles stable while in use. This bar caddy holds 6 bottles (1 liter in size) and dispenses in accurate 1.5 ounce increments. The dispenser mechanism is leak-proof and spring-loaded, making it perfect for bar or home use. Simply push up the rim of your glass under the liquor bottle dispenser using the 3 rods for pressure. The 1.5 ounce contents inside the chamber will pour right into your glass.

  • Constructed from Aluminum with an elegant mirror finish
  • Holds up to 6, 1 liter bottles
  • leak-proof, spring-loaded dispenser head
  • Pours accurate 1.5oz shots

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