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Final Touch® Black & Tan Beer Layering Tool


Constructed of stainless steel and designed specifically for the Black & Tan or any layered drink. This Final Touch® Black & Tan Beer Layering Tool is a must-have for any bartender or home bar owner with a well-rounded tool collection. It’s easy to use as it looks, simply fill a glass half full with ale, lager, or other non-stout beer. Place beer layering tool on top of the glass, then slowly pour stout evenly over the center. Remove the tool and enjoy!

  • Designed specifically for the Black & Tan (Half & Half, Black Velvet, or any layered drink)
  • Great for:
    • Black & Tan: Guinness Draft Can over Bass Ale
    • Half & Half: Guinness Draft Can over Harp Lager
    • Black & Blue: Guinness over Blue Moon Belgian White
    • Black & Bock: Guinness Draft Can over Shiner Bock
    • Black Goose: Goose Island 312 over Anchor Porter
    • Snakebite: Guinness Draft Can over Cider
  • Beer layering tool, allows the one beer to be gently poured over another to create the perfect black and tan
  • Made of high quality stainless steel

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