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Electric Dust Flavor Enhancer - Flavor Options


Electricdust is made from small Buzz Button™ flowers. When consumed, the flowers release an active compound that gives the mouth a numbing, tingling sensation and stimulates the salivary glands inducing a natural cooling effect.

Electricdust is the brainchild of Mariena Boarini, one of the world’s most avant-garde mixologists, known throughout the globe for her whimsical use of the senses to create immersive cocktail experiences. It was born out of her fascination with the “The Science of Delicious”, sensates, and her love for experiential cocktails and meals.

The beverage scene in her native Las Vegas was revolutionized when she created the cocktail program at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, and is currently resort mixologist for the Wynn & Encore Las Vegas, where she oversees 31 unique beverage programs. 

She is the creator of countless recipe and beverage concepts, including the buzz button-garnished Verbena cocktail (the top-selling specialty cocktail in the City of Las Vegas with over ten million dollars in sales despite being absent from any menu).

Mariena took her buzz button idea to the next level by using the flowers to make ElectricDust! Her dust will make your mouth tingle. It's designed to delicately coat your cocktails by adding a layer of complex flavor offering a sensational experience to some of your favorite crafty cocktails. Enjoy deliciously inspired flavors, from classic Electricdust with notes of ginger and citrus to the spicy taste of Electricdust Fire for spicy Margaritas.


  • Each bag capacity: 0.6oz (72 servings)
  • Wanderlust Ube capacity: 3.2 ounces
  • Enhances flavor and taste
  • Mix it in a beverage or dust a glass