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Drunk Bunk™ - Bar Top Dining Platform - CUSTOMIZABLE - Steakhouse Design



Many bar tops are designed with a “leaning rail” or “bar rail” around the edge. While this rail is comfy for your arms, it is very difficult to slide a plate close while eating at the bar.

Introducing the “Drunk Bunk”, a one size fits all, adjustable “Bar Rail” plate (and soup bowl) holder. This patent pending design is a fantastic solution to enjoying a meal at the bar! Since “Bar Rails” are built in many sizes and angles, has developed a clever adjustable design. It only takes 5 mins with a phillips to put it together. The Drunk Bunk™ has been thought up to provide your bar customers a stable platform that raises their plate above the rail while they dine.

We have taken every aspect into consideration, have done testing on many different bar tops and have constructed this flawless solution. People are loving it! We understand not everyone's bar is the same design... the rail may be higher and wider than others. The Drunk Bunk™ will arrive to you packaged with easy assembly instructions enabling you to securely accommodate your custom bar rail. Totally adjustable, totally stable and totally will not hurt the surface of your bar.

It is constructed from a durable wood material and showcases many designs and options. This particular Drunk Bunk™ offers your guests a fun and educational wine and food pairing chart design! Keep checking back as our “add your name” selection keeps growing as well as stock designs.

Only for Bar Rail designed bars, not for 90 degree straight cut designs.

  • Dimensions: 12" x 12"
  • Bar top dining platform raises plate above bar rail
  • Comfortable bar dining
  • Easy assembly with instructions to ensure secure fit to typical angled bar rails.
  • Handcrafted in the USA, Durable build
  • High quality wood material with our full “KolorCoat” process