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Drinko Plinko Bottle Opener Game

Over 57 million people watched this video to see how to make their own DIY Drinko Plinko game. But why make it yourself? BarProducts Woodshop has done all of the work for you!

To play our fun Drinko Plinko game, simply crack open a bottle of beer using the cast iron bottle opener securely built into the game backboard and watch as the bottle cap jumps around eventually landing into one of six open slots. Slots are labeled A through F, allowing you to make the rules and decide what happens next!

Drinko Plinko is hand-made in our very own BPC Woodshop from high quality wood and features a heavy duty cast iron bottle opener. The game features a Plexiglass cover over the pegs. This cover protects the caps from falling out, but is also utilized as a writing board. With Dry Erase Chalk Markers (sold separately), you can write in your very own rules and prizes, such as A = Kiss the Bartender, B= Free Shot, etc.

This is a great way to bring a little excitement into your bar or home. Great for parties and other beer drinking events.