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Disposabomb™ Bomb Shot Cups / Power Bomb - CLEAR - SLEEVE OF 50


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Welcome to the new online home for Disposabomb™ The inventor of this style of cup (patent #7845512), Ted Skala has decided to move on and has sold BPC the Disposabomb™ business with his patent #7845512. 
Due to popular demand for the Disposabomb™ cup and BPC recently acquiring the company, you will see that we are currently out of stock on several of our color choices, but blue is available at a restricted purchase amount. Unfortunately we are experiencing the same freight issues as many others, but please know we have many new Disposabomb cups on the way! Please check back, and in the meantime feel free to browse our shooter gear and fun drinkware collection for alternative shot cup options. We suggest our 3-Chamber Shot Cups that have the same measurements and are listed at an even better price. Please scroll to the bottom of the page to see these options!

We are currently increasing our stock levels and all styles of Disposabombs will be available to you in the coming months. If you would like to place a wholesale order, please contact us at 1-800-BLOODY-MARY

These patented Disposabomb™ cups, also known as Jager Bomb Cups, Jager Shots, Jager Bombs, Bomb Shotz, Blaster Bomb Shot Cups, Power Bombs, Quenchers, and Bomber Cups, feature a center chamber inside so it can functionally keep two unmixed liquids until consumed. The center holds 7/8oz of liquor with the 2 1/4oz outer chamber holds a chaser liquid at half full.

Dropping a shot glass into a larger glass is the traditional way to prepare a bomb shot, and it is wasteful with a lot of clean up... with an increased chance of breakage. Not only are Disposabomb™ cups a more affordable way of serving up these popular drinks, they're safer and you have choices of fun attractive colors. They have ridged sides for easy handling. Sold in Sleeves of 50.

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