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Diamond Pattern Cocktail Mixing Glass with Olea™ Copper Plated Julep Strainer


This cocktail tool set combines a medium-sized Diamond Pattern Mixing Glass and a Olea™ Copper Plated Julep Strainer that fits perfectly atop it.
With the sparkle of the classic Japanese style weave pattern and the unique copper strainer this set will look beautiful on any bartop. The texture of this mixing glass not only looks great, but also give the bartender a better grip on the glass when it is wet or cold.
The Olea™ Copper Plated Julep Strainer fits perfect atop of this glass and can be used to mix all kinds of cocktails from old fashions to mint juleps. It is the perfect set when you are looking to craft fine cocktails that benefit from stirring rather than shaking.

Mixing Glass Features:
  • Features classic diamond cut pattern
  • Large spout
  • Made of a heavy, thick wall glass material
  • Measures: 5.31" High x 3.55" Diameter
  • Capacity: 13 ounce. Ideal for mixing two cocktails at a time
  • Julep Cocktail Strainer Features:
    • Gorgeous reflective copper plating
    • Large spout
    • Ideal for Craft bartenders and Master Mixologists
    • Features riveted shell design
    • High-end Olea™ Elegant Bar Tool at unbeatable price
    • Measures 7 inches
    • All plated items are not dishwasher safe