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Deluxe 2 Piece Napkin Holders / Bar Caddys

Our Deluxe 2pc Bar Caddy's are not only extremely fashionable when it comes to Bar Decor and a classy presentation, but they are durable and offer several compartments, perfect for organizing your service stations. The larger compartment holds a large stack of your standard sized cocktail napkins (or drink coasters) and the other smaller compartments are separated into 6 areas where you can organize your drinking straws, cocktail stirrers, cocktail picks and anything else you need to complete your cocktail presentations. The inner body of this bar caddy napkin holder is a tough clear plastic, and then you have the option of choosing between a white or black outer casing. This caddy conveniently separates for easier cleaning. The bottom (base) features 4 smalls rubber balls built in, to prevent sliding and scratching of your bar top. Measures: 4.25" tall, 9.25" length and 5.5" width.

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