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Dehydrated Garnish Wheels - 3 oz.


Dehydrated Garnish Wheels a new way to garnish your concoctions. These fruits are thinly sliced at their height of ripeness, then dehydrated. Dehydration preserves the fruit until the time that it gets re-hydrated. So these oranges, lemons, or limes can last forever if kept dry. A great solution to eliminate waste. These dehydrated fruits are a great garnish because they carry their flavor, and also add beauty to your glass. Perfect for other beverages such as tea as well. Sustainable, All natural, and no additives added. Also add these colorful mini garnish clips to take your cocktail presentation up yet another level. Replica of a common wooden clothespin, think of all the fun and artistic ways you can use them!

  • Dehydrated Garnish Wheels
  • 3 oz. 
  • Choose from Orange, Lemon or Lime 
  • Pack of 100 Garnish Clips - Replica of a common wooden clothes

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