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Culinary Torch with Butane Can - Black


This torch will add a touch of rare quality and flavor to anything you are concocting. Today's world, our food and drink presentations are half the battle. It is the perfect tool for exactly what you need to prepare your favorite caramelized cocktails and desserts in a classic beautiful style. Accent your Irish coffees, caramelize sugars and fruits, or complete your crème brûlée. Melt cheese on appetizers, and much much more! This torch easily refills with clean no odor butane, which we also sell separately. Features an adjustable flame to control flame temperature. If you are a craft cocktail enthusiast or a home pastry chef, you know the charring process extracts very unique flavors that can be very complimentary to the dish or beverage being served. Butane is included.

  • Professional Torch
  • Adjustable Flame
  • Easy and Quick Butane Refill Design
  • Butane is Included