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Culinary Torch - Bronze Medusa - 6"


No matter if you are a craft cocktail enthusiast or a home pastry chef, this bronze medusa culinary torch will add a unique quality and flavor to anything you are concocting. In today's world, food and drink presentations are half the battle. Every true master of their craft should know that having a culinary torch close by is important, whether they are creating a signature Creme Brule dish, charring an orange peel for a garnish, or caramelizing the rim of their creative martini recipe. The charring process extracts very unique flavors that can be very complimentary to the dish or beverage being served.

This Bronze plated Medusa will only add to the uniqueness and specialty of your presentation. She features a beautiful gold plated finish that beautifully accents the fine line detail of her design. This culinary torch / lighter is child safe, easy to operate and showcases a self-igniting ignition. NOTE: Butane is sold separately.

  • Adjustable Flame
  • Childproof safety lock system
  • Easy butane refill design
  • Safe and easy operation
  • Lifetime warranty included
  • Comfort grip handle

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