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Counter Caddies™ - LIQUOR Theme - CORNER Shelf


Our trademarked "LIQUOR THEMED" counter caddies are designed to accommodate the home bar enthusiast who has limited bar space. Set up your home bar area in the convenient location of your kitchen counter. These shelves look fantastic displaying your favorite liquor brands as well as the bar tools needed to concoct you amazing signature cocktails. Set them up however you like and have quick and easy access when it's time to entertain friends, family and guests!

These 2 tier shelves are designed to fit perfectly in the corner underneath your cabinets, while still being able to easily pull standard sized liquor bottles from the top tier. They are handcrafted in the USA, right here in our very own BPC woodshop. Counter Caddy Corner Shelves are constructed from a durable wood material with 9 secure 3.5"H dowel rods. This particular shelf features a trendy liquor collage design imprint along with a smooth stained finish that easily wipes clean. They are also sold with rubber feet on the bottom, giving the shelf a bit of a raise from your counter while protecting it from scratches and bacteria build up.

OPTION: This corner style also offers a fitted cutting board option! Use it to store your bar tools while not in use, and then have the ability to safely cut up lemons, limes and other garnishes while protecting your counter top.

TIP: Be sure to check out our Cap-on® Liquor Pourers to go with your liquor shelf set up. These professional pourers fit into your standard sized liquor bottles and allow you to put the cap back on. Therefore you have a professional liquor pourer built right into your bottle every time you use it, and still be able to preserve your liquor from evaporation and possibly even fruit flies.


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