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Counter Caddies™ - "BARISTA" Themed Artwork - Corner Shelf - w/ Trash Can Inset


Our trademarked Counter Caddies™ in "BARISTA" themed artwork is designed to accommodate the home coffee connoisseur. Make your morning routine more organized and breeze through making your delightful java concoctions with this fun counter caddy.  This design also features a convenient inset cutout on the top shelf to fit a small trash can up to 4.5" in diameter!

Note: Trash can is not included!


  • Measurements
    • Height (w/ feet): 8.75"
    • Depth (Bottom Shelf): 8.25"
    • Depth (Top Shelf): 4.25"
  • Trendy Barista themed collage design
  • Easy to clean
  • Fits great on the counter underneath the kitchen cabinets
  • Includes rubber feet
  • The perfect storage solution for our Barista Supplies
  • Handcrafted in the USA!

These 2-tier birch wood shelves are designed to fit perfectly in the corner, on the counter underneath your cabinets. The tall dowel rods lift the 2nd shelf up 7" above the 1st shelf, allowing the perfect amount of space on the bottom and top tiers to hold your Barista-related supplies such as mugs, sugars, creamers, and other condiments.

This particular shelf features a trendy coffee collage design imprint along with a smooth stained finish that easily wipes clean. They are also sold with rubber feet on the bottom, giving the shelf a bit of a raise from your counter while protecting it from scratches and bacteria build-up.

OPTIONAL: There is also a fitted cutting board available for this corner option! Use it to store your various barista tools while not in use, and then have the ability to safely cut up garnishes while protecting your countertop.

Note: Cutting board is not included!