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Corkscrew - Double Lever Wood Handle [Box of 12]

The 16oz top-quality stainless steel shaker, also called a cheater tin, or short shaker, tends to be used to cap a 28oz cocktail shaker. We also carry weighted versions of this shaker which are commonly used by flair bartenders.<br /><br />Choosing the perfect shaker tin is a matter of familiarity and opinion, and you can become proficient with any type you choose. If your main concern is simply ease of shaking, a 3-piece shaker may be your solution. For working mixologists who might be looking for quickness, a 2-piece system of capping a small shaker or mixing glass is often used, as is preferring instead a single tin for stirring and a cocktail strainer while pouring. two-piece shakers can come as a set, and so often having a matching look is a large consideration. If you want a bit of color and ease of grip, you may want to consider the Vinylworks shaker. Choosing stainless steel or plastic is a factor when budgets and show for both pros and beginners are important factors.