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Cordial / Cocktail Glass - 4.5 ounce - 6 Pack

Show off your sense of style and class as you sit back and drink from this timeless looking cocktail glass. Every bar should have a glass that fits the personality and sophistication of its craft cocktails and these glasses from Nick and Nora will do just that. Nick and Nora have a strong reputation in the industry of designing intricate and beautiful cocktail glasses perfect for any high-end restaurant or bar. The durable glass is dishwasher safe and holds up through the strictness of the hospitality industry. When it comes to cocktail splendor, these cocktail glasses from Nick and Nora set the bar and are a must-have in your glassware collection.
  • Capacity: 4.5 ounce
  • Dimensions: 5" Tall x 2.75" Rim Diameter x 2.5 Base Diameter
  • High quality glassware, ideal for craft cocktails
  • Sold in pack of 6