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CUSTOMIZABLE Battle Toss - 2 Player Ring Toss Game - Bull - Multiple Colors Available!

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This popular 2 player ring toss game is sure to bring you and your guests hours of entertainment, and also looks great showcasing a customizable design tribute to the original ring-the-bull games of yore. This game has a single arm with two ends to attach adjustable strings and rings, allowing 2 players to compete at the same time.  The base features a pre-drilled track to better stabilize a shot glass as you mark the score.

Includes Black 1.75 Shot Glass with Battle Toss Logo!


  • Dimensions
    • Height: 14"
    • Width: 8"
    • Depth: 17.5" Arm, 16" Base
  • Customizable Bull Design - Available in Multiple Colors
  • Includes Black 1.75 Shot Glass with Battle Toss Logo!
  • Unique String Adjustment System
  • Base Includes 4 Rubber Feet For Stability and Cleanliness
  • Handcrafted in the USA!

Note: Leave the line box blank if you don't want anything to appear on that line.

How to Play (Base Variation - Make Your Own Rules!)

1. Set the game on a level surface between two players with each end of the arm pointing to a different player.

2. Place the included Battle Toss shot glass into the middle slot, filled with your favorite spirit or cocktail.  The middle slot is the one next to the emoji with sunglasses.

3. Decide how to start.  An easy way is to count down, "3, 2, 1, GO!".

4. On "GO!", each player will toss/swing their ring and attempt to catch it on the hook on their side of the arm.

5. Each time you get a hook, announce "Hook!" to make sure your competitor (probably in the zone) knows you beat them to another hook.  Then move the shot glass one space towards your opponent.  When the shot glass reaches the drunk emoji closest to you, you lose and you drink the shot!

Note: Remember, you can make your own rules!  This is just one suggested way to play.  Play once, play until your face matches the drunk emoji, or add a new shot to each empty space as you get closer to your opponent, and have the loser drink them all!  Get creative, and have fun!

Click here for PDF instructions.