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Cool Sunset Custom Wooden Bottle Opener with Magnetic Cap Catcher

You can now customize your own wall mounted beer bottle opener! Simply add a friends name for a personalized gift or your own to display in your home or business. Take in a beautiful sunset beach scene with a rustic finish for a fun aesthetic as this opener is not only good for opening bottles but it also doubles as a decorative wooden plaque that you can hand on the wall. There is a strong magnet inside the wood that catches bottle caps for you without getting in the way of the design. This allows for easy clean up and you don't have to worry about loosing any of those pesky caps!

Handmade in the USA, this wood plaque is very durable and quality constructed. It features 2 pre drilled holes for easy wall mounting. It comes already assembled with a cast iron Bottle Opener and magnetic Cap Catcher that conveniently catches caps before they have a chance to fall to the ground.

  • Strong magnet for catching caps
  • Opener is made of heavy cast iron
  • Printed using our unique Kolorcoat™ process
  • Dimensions: 12" tall x 5.5" wide
  • Durable and strong wood construction