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Condiment Holder / Fruit Tray - 6 Pint w/ Flat Lid - Color Options

Designed much like our other standard Fruit Trays, this 6 pint Condiment Holder features a flat, smooth plastic top (lid). The flat top can be very useful when storing your garnishes in a fridge or cooler at the end of the night, allowing you to sturdily stack other flat-bottomed items on top of it, therefore preserving more space. The flat top of this garnish center is also ideal for customization with a screen printed logo. Available in satin black, chrome, satin red, and satin blue. Features 6 pint compartments and measures 19"L x 3.5"H x 6"W.

You already have these fruit trays sitting on top of your bar, so you might as well use the space for some advertising! The textured plastic surface of the colored tray options makes them "chalk friendly." The large area on the trays sides gives your staff plenty of room to have fun and get creative. Plus, all you need to do to write a new message is wipe clean with a damp cloth.
*The Chrome surface trays are not "chalk friendly."

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