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Condiment Holder (6) 1-Quart Fruit Trays With Straw Holders


Black plastic bar condiment holder comes with six (1-Quart), hard plastic inserts and has a clear dome shaped lid to see what you need to grab with only a simple glance. The removable inserts allow you to customize your condiment holder to accommodate different garnishes for faster service to your customers. Having the lid can be very useful when storing your garnishes in a fridge or cooler at the end of the night. On each side are straw holders for faster service as well, everything to finish your cocktail in one place. Easy to use and keep clean. Measures 22" L x 7" H.

  • Made of heavy-duty plastic
  • Dome shaped Lid allows you to add more fruits
  • Straw holders on both ends
  • Six 1-Quart trays
  • Measures 22" L x 7" H