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Colored Tiki Stacking Tumblers (12oz) - Set of 4


Serve up fun tropical drinks in these cool and exciting colored tiki tumblers. Each of the 4 glasses has a unique design modeled after Polynesian gods. In addition, each glass is a different color, adding fun variety for your parties. Not only do these glasses look fun, but they also stack into each other. Your tiki themed parties will never be the same again!

Each glass design is named for a specific Polynesian god.
Kanaloa (blue): God of the Sea.
Lono (green): God of Fertility and Peace.
Ku (red): God of War.
Kane (orange): God of Light and Life.

  • Set of 4, each glass a unique color and design
  • Capacity: 12 oz / 350 ml
  • Stackable glass design
  • Ideal for fun tropical and tiki mixed drinks
  • Individual Glass measures (L xWxH): 9cm x 9cm x 10cm