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Cocktail Shaker with Weighted Vinyl Bottom - 28 ounce

The classic 28oz weighted stainless steel cocktail shaker now comes with "rubber boots"! The extra piece of vinyl grip slips snugly on the bottom of this cocktail shaker (or any 28oz weighted shaker) to prevent slippage and add an extra bit of protection. It's great for flair bartenders who don't want to tape up the bottoms of their shakers and can also serve to protect delicate surfaces at home.
  • Vinyl piece fits over any of our 28oz weighted shaker tins
  • Shaker fits with standard mixing glasses and 16oz cheater tins
  • Vinyl bottom prevents slipping on surfaces
Additional Info
  • Stainless Steel with removable vinyl bottom
  • Dimensions: 7" x 3.5"
  • Recommended hand wash