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Cocktail Shaker - Vinylworks™ Glow in the Dark - 28 ounce

The 28oz Vinylworks™ Glow in the Dark Cocktail Shaker is a great tool for professional or home bartenders alike. This fun shaker tin features vinyl that glows brightly after it is exposed to just a little bit of light. Imagine being able to easily find your shaker in a dark bar or add a little pizzazz to your flair show. The vinyl gives this tin a great no-slip grip plus the added weighted effect of regular stainless steel weighted shaker tins.
  • 28 oz Cocktail Shaker with Glow in the Dark Vinyl
  • Glows brightly after being exposed to light
  • Easy to find in the dark
  • Great way to amp up flair show
  • Vinyl gives great no slip grip
  • Can be used in combination with a 16oz cheater tin, mixing glass, pint glass, or larger Mako™ Shaker
  • Dimensions: 6.85" x 3.625"
  • Hand Wash Recommended