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Cocktail Shaker Tin - Vinylworks 28 Ounce - Color Options

A 28 ounce stainless steel shaker ( tin, Boston, or cocktail shaker) is a standard in nearly all bartender's tool collections. Used to cap a shorter cheater tin, larger Mako™, mixing or beverage glass, this series of shakers comes in our very own Vinylworks vinyl coating for improved grip and attractive coloring.

Choosing the perfect shaker tin is purely subjective, and you are sure to become comfortable with any style you choose. If your concern is clean ease of use, a three-piece shaker may be your solution. For experienced bartenders who might be looking for rapid application, a 2-piece system of capping a smaller tin or mixing glass is often used, as is preferring instead a single tin for stirring and a cocktail strainer to separate the ice. two-piece shakers can come as a set, and for many look is a large consideration. If you want a little flair and no slip grip, you may want to try a Vinylworks shaker. Deciding metal or plastic is something to consider when budgets and show of both professionals and beginners are important.

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