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Cocktail Shaker Tin - Vinylworks MAKO - Color Options

The Mako™ Shaker was designed as a way to cap a 28oz shakers to hold more liquid than using the 28oz with a smaller cheater tin. Its flared end is meant for easier for capping. For increased grip even when wet, and to keep your hands away from cold moisture, we've coated these with our Vinylworks vinyl grip in several color choices.

Choosing the ideal shaker is a personal matter, and you may become comfortable with any style you choose. If your interest is clean ease of operation, a three piece shaker may suit you. For working bartenders who might be looking for rapid application, a two piece system of capping a smaller tin or mixing glass is often used, as is preferring instead a single tin for stirring and a wire strainer while pouring. two-piece shakers are often sold as a set, and for many look is equally important. If you want a bit of flair and comfortable hold, you may want to check out a Vinylworks shaker. Choosing metal or plastic is a factor when purchasing limits and show of both professionals and beginners are important factors.