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Cocktail Shaker Tin - POuRiNg Star 28 ounce - Color Options

Lady bartenders, turn the head of your customers with this edgy sight gag. You're a Star alright... which kind we'll leave up to them and how much tipping you're looking for!
Available in the widely-known classic 28oz cocktail shaker volume with sturdy weighted bottom, these screen-printed stainless steel bartending accessories are available in black, white, and yellow.

Deciding on the "correct" cocktail shaker is purely subjective, and you may become comfortable with any style you choose. If your interest is clean ease of shaking, a three-piece shaker may suit you. For working mixologists who are looking for quickness, a two piece system of capping a small shaker or mixing glass is often used, as is simply using a single tin for stirring and an ice strainer while pouring. Two piece shakers can come as a set, and so often appearance is important as anything. If you want a bit of personality and no slip grip, you may want to consider a Vinylworks shaker. Deciding metal or plastic is another consideration when purchasing limits and show of both professionals and beginners are important factors.