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Cocktail Shaker - 3 Piece Beehive - Stainless Steel w/ Size Options

With a reflective chrome finish and ribbed base for a comfortable grip, this Beehive Shaker is certainly a work of art, both retro in style and modern in construction. It comes available in three sizes: 28oz (10"), 16oz (8"), and 8oz (6.25").

Choosing the "correct" shaker is a matter of taste and practicality, and you are sure to become comfortable with any model you choose. If your main concern is spill-free ease of operation, a 3-piece shaker may suit you. For experienced bar workers who might be looking for speed, a two piece system of capping a small shaker or mixing glass is often used, as is preferring instead a single tin for mixing and a cocktail strainer to separate the ice. 2-piece shakers can come as a set, and oftentimes look is equally important. If you want a little personality and comfortable hold, you may want to check out the Vinylworks shaker. Deciding metal or plastic is another consideration when budgets and show for both pros and home bar enthusiasts are key.

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