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Clear Test Tube SHOTZ® Party Pack

Sell more shots at your Night Club or Bar when you buy the Clear Test Tube SHOTZ® Party Pack. We have put together a set that allows you to purchase everything you need to get your shot girls ready to go for the night. The easy squeeze bottle allows them to fill up the test tubes without wasting any liquor or making a mess. Guests will want to buy shots when they see how tasty they look in these clear test tubes.
  • Sell more shots and shooters
  • Clear tubes so guests can see what is in each
  • Holder is easy to carry on serving tray
  • Squeeze bottle allows servers to fill cleanly without waste
  • Ideal for Clubs or Bars
  • 100 Clear Test Tube SHOTZ®
  • (1) 24-hole/ 36-Hole plexi-tray Test Tube Holder (S-shape)
  • (Optional) Easy Squeeze Fill Bottle
Additional Info
  • Each test tube measures approx. .875 oz / 25.87 ml when filled to the rim