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Cigar Slicer Combo with V-Cut and Guillotine Cutter

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Our cigar combo cutter gives cigar enthusiasts the best of both worlds by offering both a high quality v-cutter and a guillotine cutter available in one sleek and highly function design. Ergonomically engineered to allow for a comfortable grip with superior control and precision cutting, this combo cigar cutter is the ideal companion for you favorite cigar. Crafted for both amateur and sophisticated cigar connoisseurs alike, this combo cutter successfully offers a stylish well crafted product at an affordable price. The wedge cutter on this piece gives you a clean and deep v-cut, creating great circulation and reducing any bitterness in the flavor of your cigar. Designed to penetrate deep to provide a robust draw, this v-cutter creates a satisfying and enjoyable overall smoking experience. The guillotine cutter, one of the most common styles of cigar cutters, exposes the entire tip of the cigar to allow the maximum amount of smoke to exit. When you use the double blade guillotine cutter it slices the cap from both sides simultaneously, creating a cleaner cut. This well crafted combo cigar cutter is beautifully contoured and fits securely into any hand. Our v-cutter and guillotine combo cigar cutter offers any cigar smoker the best of both worlds and is bound to become an instant favorite.

  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Compact and portable
  • Offers 2 different types of cigar cuts
  • Razor sharp blades