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Chlorine Test Strip - 100/vial

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Stop guessing if you are using the right amount of chemicals in your sanitizing sink, and use Chlorine Test Strips to check and ensure accurate chemical levels. These litmus papers are super easy to use. Just dip paper into your chlorine sanitizer solution and compare color to chart that is included in vial. 100 papers per vial.
  • Tests the effectiveness of your chlorine-based sanitizing or disinfecting solution
  • Measures the concentration of available chlorine in solution
  • Easy to use test strips
  • Ensures accuracy of chemicals used in water of your sanitizing sink
Additional Info
  • 100 Strips per vial
  • Made of litmus paper
  • Simply dip paper into chlorine sanitizer solution and compare the color
  • Do not store in area of high humidity or where they may be exposed to water